A1 Bottled Waters Pty Ltd is an Australian owned bottled water manufacturing company. 

We have been successfully trading in Australia since 2003.

Our company has 3 main activities:

(a) blow moulding of plastic bottles,

(b) bottling purified water

(c) distributing finished products to wholesale and retail customers.

Using our brand names of Nature‚Äôs Best, Water 4 Us and Snap, we manufacture and offer various bottle sizes from 

400ml to 15Ltr.  

We also offer bottled water with customized labels.  Our custom label clients include government and private hospitals, 

restaurants, hotels, gyms, clubs and resorts. 

Our current manufacturing facility has been HACCP certified since 2009, has been awarded the Order of Excellence by ABWI 

and has maintained compliance with Australian Food Safety Standards.